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“With Our Thoughts, we Make the World”

~ The Buddha

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The beginning of the visions

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The commitment towards the visions

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Holistic Education

Welcome to our Community

Sadhanarama Foundation is a Charitable Buddhist organization in India striving to put the compassion and wisdom in daily life taught by the Supremely Enlightened Buddha for the happiness of mankind. The Monastery and Foundation has never wavered from its mission to create a society of wisdom, compassion and gratitude through the Buddha's medicine of wisdom and compassion that have changed the world since 2565 years ago. The ultimate aim of all activities organized by The Monastery and Foundation is to bring peace and happiness to the minds of individuals, to the society, and to the world that we all share.

The goal of the Monastery is to make it a learning center for monks, novices and peace-loving people of all ages and through the foundation serve the mankind by Humanitarian services. 

Lets Change The World
With Humanity
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