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A Glance at the Activities


Buddhist Ceremonies for

Peace and Happiness

Peace and Happiness is for everyone. First and foremost, organizing events or ceremonies are one of the effective way in order to share the message around.

Sangha Dana

Offering Requisites of Monk

Vesak Day

Buddha Day

Alms Offering

Food Offering to Monks

Kathina Ceremony

Robe Offering Ceremony


Moral and Ethics

Training Programs

Morality is a Must if not a Person catches Rust and Society goes to Dust, Life becomes Worst.

No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path. 

Moral & Ethics Training

Morality Training for better Life

Monastic Training

Your chance to try living a Monk's Life

Moral Training 2.jpg

Female Moral Training

To be practice with 8 Precepts

Meditation Retreat

A chance to understand youself

Ceremonies for Peace
Moral & Ethics Program

Daily Prayer

Buddhist chanting serves as a reminder of the practice we need to follow in our daily life. Morning and Evening chanting are an essential part of Buddhist practice. Regular chanting gives us confidence, joy, satisfaction and increases devotion within us. This devotion is really a power. It is called the Power of Devotion (Saddhabala). While chanting if we try to concentrate well on the chanting, our mind becomes contemplative, not wandering, not engaging in unwholesome thoughts. It energises our life in general. The Buddha in many ways has shown us to have confidence in our own action and its results, thereby encouraged us to depend on no one but ourselves.

Basic Meditation

Many people come to meditation practice with different goals, and the purpose of meditation may differ from individual to individual. From learning to cope with anxiety to cultivating the ability to be present, there are many reasons people begin meditating.

Meditation is a practice in which an individual dedicates time and effort to train the mind in some way. In the context of mindfulness and Buddhism, meditation is a practice in which we cultivate qualities of the mind. It is traditionally done sitting, although the Buddha actually suggested meditating while standing, walking, and lying down in his discourse on mindfulness.


Social Contribution

Heal the world have both short & long terms approaches:-Short Term – Provide Humanitarian Aids to the Needy, Long Term – by understand the origin of individual current suffering or hardships.

Humanitarian Aids


Scholarships to the Economic Weaker Sections of the Society

Social Contribution
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