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Golden Bowl Donation Program 2022

Celebrating Golden Jubilee (50 Years) of Monkhood


Most Venerable Nandapala Mahathera

27 Oct 2022 - 09 Nov 2022

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Most Venerable Nandapala Mahathera
The Founder

Most Venerable Nandapala Mahathera is like a shine pole star in the Dhamma horizon having contributed in abundance for 50 Years to the promotion and preservation of the Buddha Sasana. 

The Chakma Community of Arunachal Pradesh will be honoring Most Venerable Nandapala Mahathera with a Golden Bowl in recognition for service to the Buddha Sasana for 50 Years and  Community.



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The life of householder is a narrow path which attracts dusts.

The ordained life is a spacious path.

~ Buddha



The Chakma Community, a Theravada Buddhist Community which takes great pride in its rich cultural heritage and pure traditional Buddhist culture. The Chakmas are the largest Buddhist Community in India. Since time immemorial, the Chakmas are followers of Theravada Buddhism, claiming to have originated from Sakya race in which Gautama Buddha was born. A major part of Chakma Culture steams from Buddhist heritage. From our ancestor’s generation, a large legacy of humble thought and traditions designed to instill sound moral values. This legacy is an inheritance from our past that will guide us into future.


The ordination is a process whereby the individual raises his level of consciousness and transcends from being a follower of Triple Gem to become a part of Triple Gems. Those who choose a path of ordination, therefore, will have to follow the precepts of purity and monastic regulations. By ordination, the individual chooses to take the first initial steps on the path toward living life righteously. Since, the ordained life will free individuals from daily burdens of mundane. The ordained daily life is dwelled economically by life’s necessities such as foods and clothes. With this ordinary and simple livelihood, the ordained ones will have more time to gain knowledge, wisdom and a greater understanding of the world, both socially and mentally.


The importance of the ordination

Those who are ordained are not merely individuals who shave their heads and wear monk’s robes; they must train, practise and embody the teaching of the lord Buddha. This is a path to purification. The 227 precepts which are the rules, regulations and traditions will guide the ordained ones to differentiate themselves from mundane. They help to strengthen the individual’s determination in facing life’s challenges by instilling mindfulness, patience and purpose in life. These precepts are the guarantees for the future, whether the individual subsequently chooses the path way of lay world or that of the ordained monk. The knowledge learnt during ordination will not be wasted or served to harm others. The strict study of Dhamma, in both theory and practice, lifts the individual’s consciousness to a higher level, so he may know the truth and goodness, to attain spiritual goals and the true meaning of life.

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Qualifications for those to be ordained

The lord Buddha gave permission to males who take the Triple Gem as a refuge to ordain. For those who wish to ordain as a Buddhist monk must be at least 20 years of age. Those who are under will be allowed to ordain as a novice. The persons forbidden from being a monk are;

  1. Those are homosexuals and hermaphrodites.

  2. Those who have done wrong against Buddhism such as killed an Arahant, caused schism in monastic community and asked to leave monkhood before.

  3. Those who suffer from the following diseases;

    • Leprosy, Measles or Pox, fungus of skin.

    • Skeletal deformity including handicapped, blind or deft.

    • Debilitating weakness.

  4. Those who have prior restrictions or commitments such as not having parental or guardian consent, or by reasons of royal decree.

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