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Sadhanarama Covid-19 Relief Services - 2020 :: Holding Hands Against Hunger.

As the world is facing the unprecedented challenges with the growing of COVID-19 pandemic and Nations coming together to combat it by Lockdown and social distancing measures thereby effecting the course of normal life with the shortage of food and other essential items.

Covid-19 Food Relief Materials distribution

As everywhere at this time of global crisis of Covid Pandemic, Sadhanarama Foundation initiated relief services “Sadhanarama Covid-19 Food Donation Program” with a motto ‘Holding Hands Against Hunger’ in Arunachal Pradesh to meet the pressing need of the affected by lockdown especially the needy & poor families.

Sadhanarama Foundation has been able to mobilize the available resources through the generous support of the India, Myanmar & Sri Lanka Food Donors, Buddhagaya Bana Vihara to arrange the most essential items “rice” and provided 1750 poor and needy families with 10 kg & 25 kg of rice to meet the crisis in three districts - Changlang, Namsai and Papumpare of Arunachal Pradesh. The distribution of the most essential food item has allowed us in making a difference in the community during this Covid-19 Pandemic Crisis.

Thank you @ India, Myanmar & Sri Lanka Food Donors, Buddhagaya Bana Vihara! Because of your generous donations & support during this crisis marginalized families did not go hungry and could sleep-well as the Buddha said: hunger is the most severe disease compare to other diseases.


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