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Novice Ordination Program : Moral & Ethics Training

Novice Ordination Program to Revive Buddhism and Moral & Ethics Training is a training course round the year that prepares male youth above the ages of 7 for temporarily ordination as novice monks.


Sadhanarama Foundation round the year organizes the ‘Novice Ordination Program to Revive Buddhism and provide Moral & Ethics training’. The program is in compliance with the goal to enhance the quality of basic education by instilling virtues, morals, national pride, public-spirit, and thriftiness in our youth. It also aims to fortify our young boys and men with the ability to adapt to the growing cultural diversity by fostering good habits using Buddhist moral principles.

Children paying respects to their parents before Novice Ordination

Cultivate Exemplary Traits

The flux and changes in pre-adolescence and adolescence are normal conditions during this transitional stage from childhood to adulthood. The novice ordination program believes that giving our youth the appropriate training and guidance will help them stay on the right path as they develop into wholesome adults.

The program strives to cultivate in our youth the virtues of cleanliness, discipline, politeness, punctuality, respectfulness, and a love for meditation. These five basic virtues will become the foundation for improved quality of life and better performance in school.

Parents handing Robe to their Children for Novice Ordination

Developing into a True Gentleman

Once our youth understand the principles and benefits of maintaining the Five Precepts (moral discipline), they will have greater respect for themselves and others. They will possess increased awareness of what are appropriate and inappropriate behaviors and will naturally be disinclined to promiscuity, aggressive and violent behaviors, and drugs and activities leading to ruin.

Through this training course, our youth will acquire understanding and skills in the follow areas:

  • The impacts of social media and know how to protect themselves from the influences to commit unwholesome deeds.

  • Adaptability to the constant changes in society.

  • Being a good son to one’s parents and a good student to one’s teachers.

  • Teamwork.

  • Ways to co-exist harmoniously with others.

  • Problem solving.

  • Being tactful, logical, positive, constructive and considerate in society.


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