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Bodhi Rasmi School Construction

Sadhanarama Foundation started Bodhi Rasmi School with a goal of giving Holistic education along with Character Building Moral Education. The School strives to provides HOLISTIC EDUCATION in an atmosphere of love and care allowing the children to grow naturally and happily developing intelligence, compassion and wisdom at every stage. Our motto is ‘Nurture, Inspire, Flourish.

Proposed Bodhi Rasmi School Design


It is difficult to explain the plight of Chakma students of Arunachal Pradesh. The small town Diyun, which is home to 90% of Chakmas, a Theravada Buddhist Community which takes great pride in its rich cultural heritage and pure traditional Buddhist culture, is a beautiful place where one can find and enjoy a variety of fresh vegetables produced by humble Chakma farmers. One can’t imagine the poor conditions of the Schools infrastructure and how the students are studying in a place where the teacher-student ratio is 1:70 to 1:200. After schooling in pathetic conditions, only very few students succeed in getting admission in colleges. Due to the miserable economic conditions of the community, 90 % of Chakma students never get a higher education, since there is no source of income to support them. The dropped-out students go out of Arunachal Pradesh in search of livelihood and they are left with no choice but to work in factories, industries and showrooms in big cities as daily wage labourers.

Problems of education in Chakma Areas connect to funding, infrastructure, teacher quality, the status of the teaching profession, student academic performance and unequal educational opportunity. Also, the lack of parental involvement in their child's education and awareness seems to be the biggest problem in the development of education in our Chakma Society. Due to the lack of awareness of the importance of education, parents do not promote education to their wards, so pushing them towards deprivation and labour. With dropouts and little education, they are left with no choice but to work in factories, industries and showrooms in big cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Noida, Gurgaon, Chennai etc. as daily wage labourers. No one knows if these people will ever have a dignified life with employment, good education, good connectivity, govt. schemes etc. They have nowhere to go but to struggle and survive, working hard in the hope of living a better life one day.


The purpose of this project is to construct a two-storied building, to offer needed classrooms for Bodhi Rasmi School. The school is also in need of a proper office for the school staff, toilets, a library and one recreational hall. As a result, the school will be able to run smoothly again with classroom space for all the children in this area. Our aims are to:

  • rebuild the Bodhi Rasmi School.

  • provide the infrastructure for quality education to the increasing number of children

  • construct a two-storied building.

  • fence the school area and to build a school compound considering the safety of the students.


  • Quality education for 300 students delivered through the creation of student-friendly learning spaces;

  • Improved standards of life among teaching staff at Bodhi Rasmi school.

  • Increased enrolments up to 500 students and enhancement of habitable classrooms.


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