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The Most Respected 
Venerable Nandapal Mahathera

The Founder
The Bouddha Ratna Awardee
Nandapal Mahathera's Biography

Living a Spiritually Awakened Life

Most Venerable Nandapal Mahathera, a Bouddha Ratna Awardee is a renowned International Dhamma and Meditation Teacher, who continued the legacy of Bana Bhante Most Revered Venerable Sadhanananda Mahathera. Most Venerable Nandapal mahathera is like a shine pole star in the Dhamma horizon having contributed in abundance to the promotion and preservation of the Buddha Sasana.

Most Venerable Nandapal Mahathera was born on May 10, 1952 in a remote village Balukhali under Rangamati, CHT. From early childhood, He was on a quest of wisdom and showed a remarkable spirituality. He was very inspired and motivated by Most Venerable Bana Bhante's dhamma discourses.  When he was still young, He used to go and listen to Most Venerable Bana Bhante's dhamma discourses, which had a deep impact on his course of early life.

With great spiritual determination at the age of 18 in the year 1970, He took novice ordination at Tintila Bana Vihara, Langadu, Rangamati. He studied and practised the  dhamma for two years under His Eminence Most Venerable Bana Bhante. In 1972, with the blessings of His Teacher Most Venerable Bana Bhante, He went to Burma (now Myanmar) to study the Tipitaka. In the initial days, it was difficult for him to learn and study the Tipitaka since it was taught in Burmese language. With a determination to learn and study the Tipitaka, He started learning the Burmese language. He learned the Burmese language within 6 months and can speak Burmese language fluently. At the age of 20, He was given Higher Ordination (Upasampada) by Most Ven. U Yalinda Mahathera. After studying Tipitaka for 2 years, He returned to pay a visit and homage to His Teacher Most Venerable Bana Bhante. But looking at the condition of His Teacher, He felt pity and had a changed of heart. He at that moment made determination that He would not go for further studies anymore instead he look after His Teacher and attend on Him as there was none to take care of Him. So He stayed back to attend and look His Teacher.

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As the time rolled on, He had an urged to Practice Meditation.  So He started searching for an ideal place for deep meditation. People of Bandukbhanga Union informed Bhante about an ideal place to meditate. The place was situated on the peak of a high hill range. The terrain was desolate, dangerous, remote, inaccessible and difficult to negotiate. It was a natural habitat for wild animals. Ghost stories about the area were often on the lips of the common people living in its vicinity. As a result none dare to venture into this wild peak mountain. This wild peak mountain  called Jamachug, the Mountain of Yama. In the past, it was called Bandukkanamon since from a distance it looks llike a trigger of a Musket. With the approval and blessing of His Eminence Bana Bhante in 1972, He along with two other monks went up the Jamachug Mountain. He made a firm resolution to mediatate at least for 5 years.  As the days pass into months, Months pass into years, it was long before he realized that it has passed 17 long years practising Dhutanga and Insight Meditation (Vipassana).


The then Hon. CHT (Chittagong Hill Tracts) affairs minister Mr. Kalpa Ranjan Chakma on behalf of the local peoples invited Most Venerable Nandapal Mahathera to teach the Dhamma and Meditation. He gladly accepted the invitation and came to Dighinala Bana Vihara in 2000. Since then He has been continuously teaching both dhamma and meditation in Bangladesh and India. He established many Monasteries to train Monks in Bangladesh and India with a view to serve the mankind both spiritually and morally.

On the morning of June 2, 2007, His Teacher Most Respected Venerable Bana Bhante gave His blessings to start the Buddhagaya Bana Vihara & Meditation Center. At present, many development is going on and construction is under progress at the center. With the kind donations of Upasakas, Upasikas and their relatives, a 2 (Two) floor building with separate kitchen and attached dining hall is completed. 


In 2016, He was invited by Dr. Lham, Chief Monk of Vietnam Temple, Nepal to Visit Vietnam and teach the Dhamma. The  Hon'ble Deputy Prime Minister of Vietnam invited Most Venerable Nandapal Mahathera to his residence for blessings. Many dignitaries of Vietnam came to meet Him. After returning from Vietnam, He was invited to spent the Vassa (Rains Retreat) at Vietnam Temple, Nepal and teach the Dhamma to the Vietnamese Community. He gladly accepted the invitation and spent one Vassa teaching both Dhamma and Meditation during the whole Vassa.


At present, Most Ven. Nandapal Mahathera is actively engaged in teachings the Dhamma to the people in Bangladesh and India for their welfare and happiness.

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